It can be quite disappointing to learn that your child isn't doing too well in school. While this may be a cause for concern, there are ways you can help your child to succeed. The key is to find the source of the problem and provide your child with the tools to improve.

Scholastic Problems may present through faulty academic behaviours like inattention, lack of interest in studies, exam failure, to emotional expression like aggression and belligerence with school peers, physical complaints, particularly in the school hours.

You may also observe that your child:

  • Has stopped writing notes in his class
  • Seems unmotivated in spite of punishment
  • Is being labelled as forgetful or absentminded
  • Appears bored with studies or makes excuses when asked to study
  • Has dropped low in academic grades
  • Seems very moody, aggressive, withdrawn, distant or lost
  • Refuses to go to school

Occupational Therapists find the cause and use remedial measures to solve the underlying issue before it gets worse. A child with learning difficulties can benefit greatly from being given the tools they need to unlock their potential. Our team of experienced children's Occupational Therapists assess, treat and advise parents and teachers on how best to achieve this. If your child is struggling to cope in school, contact Kiddy-Up Occupational Therapy today, for a complete assessment and guidelines to improve your child's academic performance.