For children, learning to read and write can be a complex process. It is quite different from learning to talk, which is a natural phenomenon. Children who show difficulty learning to read or write likely have underlying difficulties with hearing the sounds or words of spoken language and representing these sounds using letters. If left untreated, reading and writing problems can have a significant impact on a child’s ability to achieve academic success.

Common signs of reading and writing disabilities

  • Struggling with reading words
  • Constantly mistakes when reading
  • Reading very slowly
  • Repeating words in the text
  • Guessing words
  • Difficulty understanding words, sentences, content and relationships in the text.

Our Occupational Therapists at Kiddy-Up have expert insight into oral language, speech and writing. Using this information, we provide a Reading and Writing Therapy Programme with an interdisciplinary approach to support children with various reading and writing difficulties.

We complete a comprehensive assessment of the child’s reading and writing skills with information regarding language processing, phonetic skills, visual tracking, writing and fine motor skills, attention, executive function, and memory.

After the assessment, we develop a plan of care based on the data we have collected and your input. Based on your child’s needs, therapy may involve individual or group sessions designed to improve reading and writing skills.