Every child develops at their own pace. Minor or temporary delays in development are usually no cause for alarm, but ongoing or multiple delays in reaching milestones require intervention.

Developmental delays sometimes indicate an underlying condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated. Early intervention will help your child’s progress and development into adulthood.

Some children may experience a delay in fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills include small movements like using a crayon or holding a toy. Gross motor skills use larger movements, such as jumping, climbing stairs, or throwing a ball.

Other children may have an issue with visual perception- meaning they struggle doing things that require visual skills, like reading, writing, completing puzzles, cutting, drawing, and getting dressed properly.

Children with developmental delays can greatly benefit from occupational therapy. At Kiddy-Up Occupational Therapy, our dedicated occupational therapists will work with you and your child to improve their motor, cognitive, sensory processing and communication skills. Children learn about their surrounding world by experiencing the world through their bodies, which is why we use play activities such as swinging and climbing to help children gain back their confidence.

The goal of our sessions are to enhance development, minimise the potential for developmental delays later on, and help families to meet the special needs of their children. Our occupational therapists understand that children have different needs than adults, which is why they use a gentle and patient approach to treating them.

We have a relaxed environment and the necessary resources to provide appropriate sessions and home programmes for your child.